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Ten Tips for the Best Camping Trip

In honor of National Camping Month, we’re offering 10 tips to help new campers get the most out of the experience.

These tips are for those going to a public or private campground that offers some basic amenities, including a fire ring, a picnic table, and a flat place for your tent or trailer. We assume you have basics like a tent, sleeping bag, and food and water, and that the campground has running water available at a central location as well as communal bathrooms. In our experience, the campgrounds at national and state parks usually meet these basic requirements, but check in advance to be sure your intended destination does.

Here are the ten things that will make your next camping trip a success:

  1.  Firewood. Whether you camp in a tent or the world’s largest RV, you are missing out on the true camping experience if you don’t sit around the campfire at least one night. Now you may think you can gather wood locally, but many campsites have been picked clean by prior campers or there may be park rules against gathering wood. This leaves you two options: pay an inflated price locally for a small bundle of wood or bring some seasoned wood chopped and ready for your fire with you.
    Most campgrounds provide fire rings to help contain your campfire, but you often have to bring firewood with you or buy it locally

    Most campgrounds provide fire rings to help contain your campfire

    Your best bet is to check the campground or park rules ahead of time for any rules or restrictions on fires. In dry country or during droughts or high winds, fires may be prohibited. In that case, it’s hard to beat the old Coleman two-burner stove or one of the numerous other portable camping stoves available. For those who can’t get going in the morning without a cup of coffee, a stove will heat that first pot of water much faster than building a fire from scratch.

  2. Fire Starters. Knowing how to start a fire using primitive means is a great survival skill, but it’s slow and tedious. We recommend that you bring at least two modern fire starters on your next camping trip. Matches are hard to beat, but our favorite is a grill lighter with a long neck. This allows you to direct the flame right where you need it. They are available at most big box stores.We’re going to include tinder as part of this tip. Tinder can be a commercial product like the popular Wetfire Fire Starting Tinder Pack or the Micro Inferno All Weather Fires Sticks, but you can also make your own with dryer lint and wax. Tinder should light easily and burn long enough so that twigs, small pieces of wood or other kindling you pile over it are burning well enough that you can build up your fire from there. Even a couple tightly rolled ball of newspaper will do.
  3. Camping Utensils and Cookware. Cooking over an open flame is quite different from using the stove or a microwave, so you probably will want at least one pot, one frying pan, and maybe an old-fashioned coffee pot that you use only for camping out. A great technique is to set aside old pots and pans when you upgrade, dedicating the old set to camping. Another option would be to invest in some cast iron cookware. In any case, your odds of going camping again increase if you don’t blacken the bottom of mom’s best sauce pan.Add some long-handled spatulas and other utensils designed for grilling out and don’t forget pot-holders and cooking mitts so you can handle your hot cast iron frying pans without burning your hands. For eating, paper plates offer simplicity and ease of use, but re-usable plastic cups and plates may be more environmentally friendly. If you go the latter route, bring a tub and a small bottle of earth-friendly soap so you can wash the dishes and dispose of your dishwater without harming the local flora.Many campgrounds provide a basic fire grate or other equipment that makes cooking over an open fire easier. If your intended destination does not, consider picking up a grate of your own. Being able to adjust how high your pans are above the flame and coals is one secret to great campfire cooking. (Waiting until the flames die down and leave you with a bed of hot coals is another.)
  4. A Flashlight. If you live in an urban area, you may be surprised by how dark it gets out in the country, especially on a cloudy night with no moon. We recommend a good flashlight for each camper. Headlamps are also useful as they do not tie up one of your hands. This makes it easier to do everything from tying your shoe to re-packing your cooler. Don’t forget extra batteries or a solar charger if you are using rechargeable batteries.

    LED lights provide a wide circle of light and long run times.

    LED lights provide a wide circle of light and long run times.

  5. A Lantern. Flashlights are great for putting light exactly where you need it, but a lantern casts light where everyone can use it. If you are old school, go with a Coleman lantern, which can generate a huge circle of bright, warm light; just be sure you treat the wick well. If you are investing in new gear, it’s hard to beat some of the multi-LED lanterns on the market for a combination of brightness and run time.Lanterns can be set on or hung above the picnic table, hung outside your camper, or used inside your tent when turned to a low setting. Most can also be carried when you walk; just use caution if yours runs on fuel and has a glass chimney.
  6. Camping Chairs. Yes, you can sit on a rock, a log, the ground, or at a picnic table, but having a folding camping chair or collapsible stool will make your camping experience more comfortable. Available at big box stores, sporting goods stores and online, you should be able to get a decent one in the $10 to $40 range. Chairs sized for kids are also available and recommended for the little ones as it can be hard for them to safely get into and out of an adult-sized chair.
  7. A Hatchet or Camp Axe. You may never use a hatchet at home, but it’s a useful tool at the campsite. Your hatchet is great for driving in tent stakes, and even if you use a trailer, you may still need to drive in stakes for an awning. Heavy enough to drive a sturdy tent stake into the hardest ground, you can also use your hatchet to pry up the stakes when it’s time to head home or move on to the next camp site.
    From pounding tent stakes to chopping firewood into kindling, a hatchet is a valuable addition to your camping equipment

    From pounding tent stakes to chopping firewood into kindling, a hatchet is a valuable addition to your camping equipment

    Of course the raison d’être of a hatchet is chopping, and there are plenty of potential uses at a campsite. For example, you may need to split one of your logs into smaller pieces of firewood, or slice a few curls off bark or to make kindling (this is technically known as carving).

  8. Plastic Trash Bags. An obvious use for these would be to pack up your trash, and you’ll probably generate a fair amount, especially if you use disposable dishes and cutlery. A less obvious use is to protect things from getting wet should a sudden shower blow through.Rain can really put a damper on a camping trip, but it will be even worse if all your gear gets soaked. Stashing your pack, your clothes and even your hiking boots in a spare plastic trash bag will help keep them dry. (The bags with draw strings are especially useful for this.)   The opposite is also useful – if your clothes are soaked from the rain or your bathing suit is damp from swimming, stash them in a plastic trash bag until you get home. And finally, in a pinch, a large trash bag makes a great rain poncho. Just cut or carefully tear a hole for your head and side holes for your arms.
  9. A Tarp. There are probably 101 uses for a tarp on a camping trip. If you have a tent, you can use an extra tarp to make a large rain fly and create more dry space around your tent. If you are not tent camping, you can turn your tarp into a rain shelter or set it up as an awning. If you need privacy, you can set it up to create a visual barrier. You can use it as a table cloth if the picnic table is filthy. Set up at a 45 degree angle with the slant facing the wind, you can use it to protect your fire and keep it from getting rained out as well as to keep your stack of firewood dry. We recommend at least an 8′ x 10′ or 8′ x 12′ tarp but don’t be shy if you spot a great buy on  larger tarp.
    three marshmallows roasting over open camp  fire

    It’s not camping if you don’t get to roast marshmallows over an open flame!

    To get the most out of your tarp, remember to bring some rope or paracord and a few extra tent stakes. Bungee cords are also useful for rapid set up and tear down.

  1. Marshmallows. Because no campground experience is complete without roasting some marshmallows over the campfire. It’s a sticky treat kids and adults will remember!

Free Shipping on Canned Meats

Sloppy JoeWorried about the rising cost of meat? (Hamburger now costs $4.25 per pound, up 85.5% since 2010.)

Worried that you might not have enough long-term storage food to last through a natural disaster or an economic collapse?

Putting up a couple cases or canned meats in your pantry will go a long way to addressing both issues. And if you own a pressure canner, you can up all sorts of meats and meat-based dishes to have on hand for the future.

But not everyone has the time, the know-how, or the equipment to can their own meats. And that’s why we heartily recommend Survival Cave canned meats. We have cases of canned beef, chicken, turkey and pork available in our online store right now with free shipping to the Continental U.S.

Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwich with BBQ Sauce and FriesThese products are not much different than those you would can yourself. They use only meat raised on select U.S. farms – just like you would. They hand select the cuts from USDA inspected meats, just like you would. They do not add by-products, preservatives, nitrates, nitrates, or other chemicals, and all the processing is done in the U.S. The only thing in the can is the meat and a pinch of salt. The meat is cooked in its own juices, with no water added.

The result is a natural, wholesome product with an extremely long shelf life.

These popular products have been back ordered in the past but we are caught up and orders ship quickly. Take advantage of this special free shipping offer to lock in these prices, while supplies last.

Two New Voodoo Packs Offer Options

We are pleased to offer two new packs from Voodoo Tactical, the Low Drag backpack and the Versa All Weather Ruck. Both packs are available in black, olive green and coyote tan.

LowDragPackThe Low Drag pack is designed for those who want a more compact, shortened pack without sacrificing carrying capacity. Stout where other packs are tall, the low drag pack allows you to carry a significant load higher on your back. This makes it a good option for shorter customers who may find large bags like the Tobago too tall.

Voodoo’s Low Drag pack is a great size for a bug out bag – large enough to carry plenty of gear, but not so large you need a crew of three to carry it. It features three fields of MOLLE PALS webbing that allow you to selectively add additional pouches and tie down points on the bottom to attach a bedroll, sleeping bag or tent.

It would also make an ideal travel or every day carry pack for those who want the durability and performance of a tactical bag but do not wish to look too “military.”

While the Low Drag Pack features multiple exterior pockets, the Versa All Weather Ruck takes a different approach. Instead, it is covered with PALS webbing, allowing you to affix as many MOLLE compatible pouches are you want. This means you can add utility pouches, water bottle pouches, a Voodoo Tactical deployment bag, ammo pouches, even a shotgun scabbard, configuring the pack to meet your exact needs.

VersaPackInternally, the Versa pack has a single large compartment that can be divided into a top and bottom section, thanks to a removable divider. The lower portion can be used to carry a sleeping bag or other gear and is accessible through a “garage” opening on the front of the bag. This allows you to access your gear without having to fight your way through the items in the top portion of the bag.

Voodoo’s Versa All Weather Ruck has an integral dray bag and ships with a rain fly to help keep your gear dry in adverse weather conditions.

Both packs feature removable waist belts and adjustable shoulder harnesses designed for comfort. Both are popular with our employees and come highly recommended.


Get High Speed Gear Now at Captain Dave’s

We are pleased to announce that Captain Dave’s has because an authorized distributor of High Speed Gear, Inc., and has added several models of TACOs and there other MOLLE equipment to our store, with more product coming in soon. You can stop by and get a hands-on look or shop online. Keep in mind that any item you see in our online store is in stock and most orders ship in one business day.

HSGI Double Decker TacoMaybe you have heard of High Speed Gear, or maybe you’ve seen photos of of their products in magazines such as Recoil, but you really can’t fully understand how well made their products are and how slick they work until you’ve put your hands on it. Their pouches start where most of the others have left off, thanks to an innovative design that expands and contracts to safely and securely hold its contents.

The HSGI line of TACOs is the next step in the evolution of the tactical magazine pouch. Each TACO – and they come in multiple configurations – is flexible enough to fit a wide range of sizes. For example, their standard TACO designed to hold one rifle pouch will hold your standard AR15/M4 magazine as well as polymer magazines like the Magpul, which are sometimes a tight fit in other brands. But the same TACO pouch will also hold an AK47 magazine, and an AR10 magazine. Of course, it fits mags for the FAL, M14 and H&Ks as well. It’s also flexible enough to hold flash bangs, smoke grenades and other equipment.

Hopefully, you can see the immediate advantage here: You only need one set of gear to carry many different load outs. That means you do not need to swap pouches when you go from carrying your AR15 to your M14. It means you don’t need to buy a separate pouch for your flashlight because it fits in a pistol mag pouch. In other words, it takes the idea behind MOLLE equipment – the “M” stands for Modular, after all – and goes one step further.

Whether you need a single pouch or want to set up a complete plate carrier or chest rig, we’re happy to help. Call us weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern at 877-41-DAVES if you have any questions, need to place a special order, or want to negotiate a volume purchase.

Southern Grind Knives Now Available at Captain Dave’s

We are proud to announce that Captain Dave is now an authorized dealer for Zac Brown’s Southern Grind knives. Made in the United States – Georgia, to be exact – these high-quality blades are nice enough to suit the collector but tough enough to use every day. These knives are semi-custom, meaning that each knife is hand assembled and produced to fill our specific order.

For a limited time, all Southern Grind Knives ship free to the lower 48 states

Captain Dave’s usually has more than 100 different knives in our display case, and the Southern Grind Bad Monkey folding knives fill a definite niche above the traditional folders we offer from companies like CRKT, Syderco and SOG. Compared to a mass produced knife from the likes of Gerber or Cold Steel, the materials, workmanship and attention to detail of the Bad Monkey stands out.

Their fixed blades are also quite impressive and are a nice option for our customers who want a high-quality semi-custom knife, but find our Spartan Blades to be out of their price range. While the Spartan Blades tend to be designed for combat, the Southern Grind Jackal and GranDaddy are working blades, better suited to wear on the farm, in the field or while bugging out.

SouthernGrindJackalAs a true knife enthusiast, Zac has always been interested in blade design and production. He created Southern Grind to be representative of what he believes knives should be – ruggedly dependable and highly functional, born from state of the art technology and quality that is second to none. There’s not a single product that leaves their warehouse until it meets his high standards. This is evident in the batch of knives they sent us.

You can see our selection of fixed blade knives, folders, multi tools, neck knives and machetes at or stop in our Durham show room and handle each one.

New Polymer FAL Moses Mag Available

We are pleased to announce that the Captain Dave’s is now stocking the Moses Mag, the new, lightweight, polymer magazine for FALs. This robust, ribbed magazine will fit both inch and metric receivers and holds 20 rounds of .308/7.62×51.

Each magazine weighs less than 5 ounces, about half the weight of the traditional steel magazines. So if you were to carry 8 magazines on your chest rig, you’d be saving 2 pounds. 12 magazines is a savings of three pounds. And when you are humping full rig, every little bit helps.

Check out this stress test and see the magazine in action.

Tru-Spec 24-7 Tactical Pants are Now 25% Off

Tru-Spec 24-7 Tactical PantsStop by our store and it’s a good bet that at least one employee – and sometimes three or four – is wearing a pair of Tru-Spec’s 24-7 tactical pants. Sometimes it’s a pair of their Eclipse jean-style tactical pants or the Tru-Spec classic pants, but most of us prefer the original 24-7 pants.

And what’s not to like? They are comfortable and useful, with deep front pockets capable of concealing a revolver or pocket pistol, plus two cargo pockets, each of which is large enough to hold two AR15 magazines or the world’s largest wallet. There are two smaller flap pockets in the front and a matched set of rear pockets, all protected with a flap that is secure by a good amount of Velcro. There is also a thin knife pocket on each side that also can hold a flashlight or a tool.

If you wear an IWB holster, the expandable waistband of these pants will allow you to be as comfortable with it on as you were without it, and there is an internal pouch at the knees that will allow you to slip a knee pad inside.  The teflon coating helps keep them clean and makes a splash of water bead up and roll off, usually before it soaks you.

So you can imagine how happy we were when Tru-Spec gave us the green light to drop the price 25 percent over the holiday sale season, bringing the cost of these pants down from $44.95 each to $33.95 per pair. And right now, if you spend $100 in our store, you get free shipping to the lower 48 states. That means you can pick up three pairs of Tru-spec pants with free shipping for just a hair over $100.  (Sale ends 12/31/14.)

Tru-SpecPantsWe have the men’s 24-7 pants  available in even waist sizes from 30 to 46 and inseams of 30, 32 and 34. The most popular colors are khaki, black and coyote tan. Sheriffs will be happy to see that we offer them in both the brown and an olive while police fire and EMS personnel usually have to settle for the navy blue. Charcoal grey and stone round out the color selection and are great options for business casual.

We also offer the 24-7 tactical pants in women’s sizes from 2 to 22 in black, khaki and navy blue. We fit a lot of women police officers and EMTs in our store, and about half of the women love the women’s sizes while the other half is more comfortable wearing the men’s pants. Some women find the rise in the womens sizes to be too short and don’t like that these pants ride low on the hips, especially if they are wearing a duty belt.

The classic pant is similar to the 24-7 but without the large cargo pockets. This makes for a neater appearance and may be more acceptable in some business environments.

The Tru-Spec 24-7 EMS pants, also on sale, are quite similar to the 24-7 tactical pants, but include pockets for carrying EMT shears.

To get the most out of your tactical pants, we recommend you do the following when laundering them:

  • Double check your pockets. There are so many of them it’s easy to send something through the wash unintentionally.
  • Make sure the pocket flaps are down to keep lint out of the Velcro.
  • To play it safe, turn the pants inside out. This will keep the Velcro from abrading any softer clothing you have in there.
  • If you are washing the black and navy blue , consider using Woolite Black laundry detergent (it’s in a black bottle) to keep them bright and fade-free. In our experience, the Tru-spec tactical pants fade less than other brands, but this extra step will help keep them nice and dark.

Get your Cold Weather Wardrobe Ready

Cold weather is supposed to blow in this week, so make sure you are prepared!R6240.main

If you plan to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, be sure to dress in layers and make sure your extremities are covered. That means a warm hat, gloves or mittens, and warm socks.

Here are our recommendations:

Base Layer: We recommend moisture-wicking thermal underwear, either made from synthetic fibers or wool. If you are going to be very active, go with the silk weight thermals. If you are going to be in a tree stand, riding a snow machine, or sitting on a bleacher watching a football game, go with the heavyweight thermals, which are surprisingly warm.

Exterior layer: You want something for your outside layer that is wind and water resistant and will keep the weather from sapping your heat. Ideally, it will be breathable so any moisture you generate can escape rather than build upSweater inside. We have a ton of options, from traditional military parkas like the N-3B or the M65 field jacket to modern Gore-Tex and similar parkas and the popular Rothco 3-in-1 jacket that includes a zip-out fleece liner. For cold – but not sub-zero temperatures – when you expect to be active, a soft shell jacket may be your best bet because it combines wind and water resistance with excellent breathability.

Mid layer: Everything between your base layer and your exterior layer should provide insulation. This can be a heavy flannel shirt with a fleece over it. It may be a lined sweatshirt or a sweater. You can put as many insulation layers as you want or need, depending on the temperature and your expected activity level. Just be careful not to overheat, and to unzip or remove a layer if you start to perspire due to exertion.

When not to Layer Up

Layering is important any time you will be exposed to the weather for more than 10 or 15 minutes, or when you will be exerting yourself in cold weather. It’s not necessary for a quick trip in the car, such as to pick up the kids from school, zip to the office in the morning and home at night, or to go out shopping. In this case, you need a single garment that offers you both insulation and an external layer that can cut the wind and shed moisture for at least a little while. You can use one of those all-in-one jackets, or a heavy parka like the N-3B. If you have to dress up, nothing beats wool, whether it’s one of our pea coats or a dress coat.

What is important under any conditions are keeping your head, hands and feet warm.

You have many choices when it comes to head wear, from a simple knit cap to a full face mask for cold, windy days or when riding a snow machine. Whatever you decide is right for you, be sure it can cover your ears.

When it comes time to pick your socks, you can’t go wrong with wool. Wear a 100% wool sock or a wool sock with some nylon in it to improve durability. Consider layering on your feet as well, which can be achieved by wearing a sock liner and a wool sock with a boot that is waterproof and may contain some Thinsulate or other insulation.

Finally, we come to your hands. Today’s insulated gloves do a great job of keeping your hands warm. Look for a glove that is insulated and waterproof, such as Rothco’s Cold Weather Duty Gloves or HWI’s lined neoprene glove. Match your glove to your activity and make sure it provides grip as well as warmth.

Winter Clothing = Shelter

Think of your winter weather gear as portable shelter. You can’t take your house with you, but you can keep the weather out and your body heat in by choosing clothing that is appropriate to the conditions and your activity level.

Your body will generate heat just like your furnace at home; you simply need a plan to help contain the heat. Wind is enemy number one as it will suck the heat away from you. Water is enemy number two, because it will cause you to get cold and clammy and it renders many insulation materials ineffective. You want to keep moisture away from your skin, which is why a wicking base layer is important. Better yet, don’t perspire and you will minimize the moisture that needs to be wicked away. One way to do this is to open your zipper, remove your hat or otherwise adjust clothing when you exert yourself so that you do not build up too much heat. Then when you stop exercising, gradually re-apply those layers as you cool back down.

For more information on keeping warm in the great outdoors, read the following sections of Captain Dave’s Survival Guide:



Protect Your Weapons with a Rugged Hard-Shell Case

We have sold the Voodoo Tactical padded weapons cases for years, and these are quite popular with customers who need a case to carry their weapons to the range or in the field. Voodoo Tactical makes a wide range of sizes and offers soft cases designed for shotguns, subguns, carbines, hunting rifles, and even large .50 caliber sniper rifles. Their cases come in a wide range of colors and styles, including lockable cases that allow customers in states like California to meet the legal requirements of transporting their weapons in a locked case.

Quick Fire double pistol case

Quick Fire double pistol case

As good as the Voodoo Tactical padded weapons cases are, however, they do not meet the standards for checking weapons on an airline. In general, airlines require that the weapons be in a lockable, hard case. When you consider that a weapon checked on an airline will be out of your sight and out of your control for hours, having a tough, solidly built, lockable case is a darn good idea. Captain Dave’s has added a new line of hard shell firearm cases from Quick Fire Cases that we feel are top of the line.

Quick Fire offers a range of waterproof pistol cases, shotgun cases, and rifle cases, but one thing that truly sets them apart is the foam inside the case. This durable, mil-spec foam will protect your weapon from extreme handling and resists solvents so it won’t be degraded by gun oils. The foam inserts also come pre-cut to fit your specific weapon or, in the multi-fit pistol cases, to fit more than 50 different models of pistols, from compact to full size.  And because the foam inserts are molded to fit your weapon, you do not need to spend time manually configuring your case to your gun.

Many of the quick-fire cases are double-level cases. The QF340 pistol case fits two pistols while the QF350 has a pistol on the top and a compartment for ammo or accessories beneath it. The Shotgun case is also two levels, hold two weapons or two receivers on top and up to four barrels on the lower level. This case is a great option for skeet shooters and other shotgunners who have multiple barrels or tubes for their weapons.

They also offer the QF540, which holds four pistols, and the QF 620, which can hold up to 9 pistols. This is a great option for a trainer or for a gunsmith who needs to bring multiple weapons to the range in a secure, convenient fashion.


The Quick Fire AR15 case features pre-cut removable sections to fit different barrel lengths

The case exteriors are molded from a tough copolymer that will withstand abuse. Large, rugged hinges and tight latches keep your gear safe and secure under extreme conditions. While most of the cases are available with locking latches, every case has at least two integral loops that accept standard-size padlocks, so you can lock up your weapons for added security.

The largest cases include wheels and a handle, so you can wheel your way through the airport parking lot or to the range in style. This includes both the rifle cases, the shotgun cases, and the QF920 pistol storage cases.

Best of all, Quick Fire cases are made in the U.S.A. and carry a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


Quick Fire weapons cases are built to withstand abuse

Quick Fire weapons cases are built to withstand abuse