Protect Your Weapons with a Rugged Hard-Shell Case

We have sold the Voodoo Tactical padded weapons cases for years, and these are quite popular with customers who need a case to carry their weapons to the range or in the field. Voodoo Tactical makes a wide range of sizes and offers soft cases designed for shotguns, subguns, carbines, hunting rifles, and even large .50 caliber sniper rifles. Their cases come in a wide range of colors and styles, including lockable cases that allow customers in states like California to meet the legal requirements of transporting their weapons in a locked case.


Quick Fire double pistol case

Quick Fire double pistol case

As good as the Voodoo Tactical padded weapons cases are, however, they do not meet the standards for checking weapons on an airline. In general, airlines require that the weapons be in a lockable, hard case. When you consider that a weapon checked on an airline will be out of your sight and out of your control for hours, having a tough, solidly built, lockable case is a darn good idea. Captain Dave’s has added a new line of hard shell firearm cases from Quick Fire Cases that we feel are top of the line.


Quick Fire offers a range of waterproof pistol cases, shotgun cases, and rifle cases, but one thing that truly sets them apart is the foam inside the case. This durable, mil-spec foam will protect your weapon from extreme handling and resists solvents so it won’t be degraded by gun oils. The foam inserts also come pre-cut to fit your specific weapon or, in the multi-fit pistol cases, to fit more than 50 different models of pistols, from compact to full size.  And because the foam inserts are molded to fit your weapon, you do not need to spend time manually configuring your case to your gun.


Many of the quick-fire cases are double-level cases. The QF340 pistol case fits two pistols while the QF350 has a pistol on the top and a compartment for ammo or accessories beneath it. The Shotgun case is also two levels, hold two weapons or two receivers on top and up to four barrels on the lower level. This case is a great option for skeet shooters and other shotgunners who have multiple barrels or tubes for their weapons.


They also offer the QF540, which holds four pistols, and the QF 620, which can hold up to 9 pistols. This is a great option for a trainer or for a gunsmith who needs to bring multiple weapons to the range in a secure, convenient fashion.



The Quick Fire AR15 case features pre-cut removable sections to fit different barrel lengths

The case exteriors are molded from a tough copolymer that will withstand abuse. Large, rugged hinges and tight latches keep your gear safe and secure under extreme conditions. While most of the cases are available with locking latches, every case has at least two integral loops that accept standard-size padlocks, so you can lock up your weapons for added security.


The largest cases include wheels and a handle, so you can wheel your way through the airport parking lot or to the range in style. This includes both the rifle cases, the shotgun cases, and the QF920 pistol storage cases.


Best of all, Quick Fire cases are made in the U.S.A. and carry a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.