Southern Grind Knives Now Available at Captain Dave’s

We are proud to announce that Captain Dave is now an authorized dealer for Zac Brown’s Southern Grind knives. Made in the United States – Georgia, to be exact – these high-quality blades are nice enough to suit the collector but tough enough to use every day. These knives are semi-custom, meaning that each knife is hand assembled and produced to fill our specific order.


For a limited time, all Southern Grind Knives ship free to the lower 48 states


Captain Dave’s usually has more than 100 different knives in our display case, and the Southern Grind Bad Monkey folding knives fill a definite niche above the traditional folders we offer from companies like CRKT, Syderco and SOG. Compared to a mass produced knife from the likes of Gerber or Cold Steel, the materials, workmanship and attention to detail of the Bad Monkey stands out.


Their fixed blades are also quite impressive and are a nice option for our customers who want a high-quality semi-custom knife, but find our Spartan Blades to be out of their price range. While the Spartan Blades tend to be designed for combat, the Southern Grind Jackal and GranDaddy are working blades, better suited to wear on the farm, in the field or while bugging out.


SouthernGrindJackalAs a true knife enthusiast, Zac has always been interested in blade design and production. He created Southern Grind to be representative of what he believes knives should be – ruggedly dependable and highly functional, born from state of the art technology and quality that is second to none. There’s not a single product that leaves their warehouse until it meets his high standards. This is evident in the batch of knives they sent us.


You can see our selection of fixed blade knives, folders, multi tools, neck knives and machetes at or stop in our Durham show room and handle each one.