Get High Speed Gear Now at Captain Dave’s

We are pleased to announce that Captain Dave’s has because an authorized distributor of High Speed Gear, Inc., and has added several models of TACOs and there other MOLLE equipment to our store, with more product coming in soon. You can stop by and get a hands-on look or shop online. Keep in mind that any item you see in our online store is in stock and most orders ship in one business day.


HSGI Double Decker TacoMaybe you have heard of High Speed Gear, or maybe you’ve seen photos of of their products in magazines such as Recoil, but you really can’t fully understand how well made their products are and how slick they work until you’ve put your hands on it. Their pouches start where most of the others have left off, thanks to an innovative design that expands and contracts to safely and securely hold its contents.


The HSGI line of TACOs is the next step in the evolution of the tactical magazine pouch. Each TACO – and they come in multiple configurations – is flexible enough to fit a wide range of sizes. For example, their standard TACO designed to hold one rifle pouch will hold your standard AR15/M4 magazine as well as polymer magazines like the Magpul, which are sometimes a tight fit in other brands. But the same TACO pouch will also hold an AK47 magazine, and an AR10 magazine. Of course, it fits mags for the FAL, M14 and H&Ks as well. It’s also flexible enough to hold flash bangs, smoke grenades and other equipment.

Hopefully, you can see the immediate advantage here: You only need one set of gear to carry many different load outs. That means you do not need to swap pouches when you go from carrying your AR15 to your M14. It means you don’t need to buy a separate pouch for your flashlight because it fits in a pistol mag pouch. In other words, it takes the idea behind MOLLE equipment – the “M” stands for Modular, after all – and goes one step further.


Whether you need a single pouch or want to set up a complete plate carrier or chest rig, we’re happy to help. Call us weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern at 877-41-DAVES if you have any questions, need to place a special order, or want to negotiate a volume purchase.