Two New Voodoo Packs Offer Options

We are pleased to offer two new packs from Voodoo Tactical, the Low Drag backpack and the Versa All Weather Ruck. Both packs are available in black, olive green and coyote tan.

LowDragPackThe Low Drag pack is designed for those who want a more compact, shortened pack without sacrificing carrying capacity. Stout where other packs are tall, the low drag pack allows you to carry a significant load higher on your back. This makes it a good option for shorter customers who may find large bags like the Tobago too tall.

Voodoo’s Low Drag pack is a great size for a bug out bag – large enough to carry plenty of gear, but not so large you need a crew of three to carry it. It features three fields of MOLLE PALS webbing that allow you to selectively add additional pouches and tie down points on the bottom to attach a bedroll, sleeping bag or tent.

It would also make an ideal travel or every day carry pack for those who want the durability and performance of a tactical bag but do not wish to look too “military.”

While the Low Drag Pack features multiple exterior pockets, the Versa All Weather Ruck takes a different approach. Instead, it is covered with PALS webbing, allowing you to affix as many MOLLE compatible pouches are you want. This means you can add utility pouches, water bottle pouches, a Voodoo Tactical deployment bag, ammo pouches, even a shotgun scabbard, configuring the pack to meet your exact needs.

VersaPackInternally, the Versa pack has a single large compartment that can be divided into a top and bottom section, thanks to a removable divider. The lower portion can be used to carry a sleeping bag or other gear and is accessible through a “garage” opening on the front of the bag. This allows you to access your gear without having to fight your way through the items in the top portion of the bag.

Voodoo’s Versa All Weather Ruck has an integral dray bag and ships with a rain fly to help keep your gear dry in adverse weather conditions.

Both packs feature removable waist belts and adjustable shoulder harnesses designed for comfort. Both are popular with our employees and come highly recommended.