Product Spotlight: ArmorLite and Isobrite Tactical Watches


Someone is counting on you to be there at exactly 0300 hours. Whether you’re scouting the north face of the mountain in the pouring rain, kicking in a door in a tactical search for a narcotics raid, or meeting with Japanese business men across time zones, you need a watch you can read at all times, no matter what.



The black Professional Series tactical watch.

You’ll be happy to know that Captain Dave’s now stocks ArmourLite and Iso-Brite tactical watches that can withstand the abuse that normal, every-day watches just can’t handle. ArmourLite and IsoBrite watches are designed with military personnel, law enforcement officers, first repsonders, and outdoorsmen in mind, meaning that each model is strong, durable, accurate, easy to use, and most importantly, tough. After testing the watches ourselves, here’s what we found out:


You can read it in complete, pitch-black darkness. Once your flashlight battery runs down, the lantern is out, and the campfire is cold, you can still read the markers on an ArmourLite watch without needing to expose it to light first. This is because all ArmourLite and IsoBrite watches are marked tritium illumination like the night sites for your pistol. The tritium has a half-life of 13.5 years which means that your watch will remain lit for over 20 years straight.


It’s tough enough to handle a tough environment including rocks, rain, climbing, falling, fishing, blood, bear-wrestling, and more. (OK, you caught us — we didn’t really wrestle a bear.) This is a watch that should never shatter, water-log, or break because it’s been built and over-built from top-notch material. Start with a shatter-proof crystal face measured with a hardness of up to 6,000 Vickers. Then nest the crystal into a uniquely designed 316L stainless steel housing and a custom rubber retaining ring. Mount the face to the band with a steel bar that out-survives the traditional thin spring-bar pin. With all of these parts combined, an AmourLite watch is not going to break, leak, crack, bend, or get crushed during normal use.


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One of the stunning Officer Series tactical watches with a rugged leather band.

These watches are accurate enough to keep Father Time himself satisfied. ArmourLite watches utilizes Swiss quartz movements and Citizen Miyota movements from Japan for reliable accuracy. With a 10-year service life from a lithium battery, AmourLite watches are reliable and long-lasting with a strong emphasis on reliable. No more trips to the jeweler because your watch battery died again.


Ruggedness is cool, but we’re not always in the field. You can wear these watches in the office as easily as in the woods. We offer ArmourLite and IsoBrite models in a wide range of designs from full tactical black-out with black numbers, face, and band to a more professional look with a cobalt face, white numbers, and sleek leather band. Whatever work environment you’re in, these watches are sure to blend in perfectly.


If you don’t care about your watch, would rather stick with your plain, old, regular watch, and sleep through your appointments, that’s fine. But you can see our selection of AmourLite and Isobrite watches online in this section of our Military Items category to upgrade to the best tactical watch on the market. Or stop in our Durham brick and mortar store to try one on.