Product Spotlight: Combat Knives by Spartan Blades

There’s very little that makes us happier than days when new knives are delivered. Okay, so maybe we’re happiest when there are doughnuts on delivery day (hint, hint, Dave), but there’s nothing like cracking open the packaging on a brand new knife, especially if it’s from Spartan Blades. We were especially happy to recieve three brilliantly designed modern interpretations of classic combat knives: the Spartan-George V-14 Dagger, the Difensa, and the Spartan-Harsey Hunter.


A Spartan Blade is a worthy investment for serious serivce members, hunters, outdoorsmen, and knife afficianados because it will thrive for years in harsh settings. Spartan designs are used by elite military units and martial agencies of the U.S. Government and now Canada, and are used in hand to hand combat in Iraq and Afghanistan which means that the knife you buy is held up to the highest of standards. After wiping the drool from our chins we passed the blades over to our knife guy to help us explain our excitement.


This combat knife is one of four collaborations between Spartan Blades and world renowned knife maker, William “Bill” Harsey. Designed for Canadian special operations this knife is designed to perform from the Canadian Wilderness to missions on foreign soil. Spartan-Harsey collaborations are award-winning and the Difensa lives up to the Harsey legacy. Check out the notes from our knife expert:




Difensa by Spartan Blades || Product Spotlight: Combat Knives by Spartan Blades





Most Spartan Blades are fighters first, but the Harsey Hunter is more of a double-duty knife — it can be used as a combat knife but also performs well as a hunting knife. Another collaboration between Spartan and Harsey, the Harsey Hunter was designed so that military personnel could carry it after returning from a tour for hunting, camping, and other outdoor pursuits. Added bonus? Bill Harsey hand grinds every single Harsey Hunter knife from his knife shop in Oregon so it’s the closest thing you can get to a custom knife without going to a custom shop.




Harsey-Hunter by Spartan Blades || Product Spotlight: Combat Knives by Spartan Blades




The dagger symbolizes the elite of military special ops units and intelligence agencies and who better to collaborate on this revamp of the classic style, than prior service Marine, Les George. To overcome issues with the weaker daggers of the past Spartan and George have used better materials and thoughtful design. Hollow grinding creates 4 almost symmetrical bevels, then each blade is vacuum heat treated, double-deep cryogenically treated, and finally double tempered to keep the edge tough. The V-14 is a true combat dagger from blade to grip.V-14 Dagger by Spartan Blades || Product Spotlight: Combat Knives by Spartan BladesOver the course of their  combined 43 years of Special Forces and Infantry experience, the  founders of Spartan Blades, Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey, found that many of the knives they used during their service couldn’t hack it in the field. They set about to change that and every Spartan Blades is made to a high standard that impresses military professionals, knife makers, and steel experts alike. We stock over a dozen Spartan Blades in various models and styles.


These semi-custom knives are made to order and when they sell out, it can take weeks or months to restock.  Stop by our Durham store to put your hands on a Spartan Blade or shop online — where every Spartan blade you see is in stock for immediate shipment.


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