New Thermals for Ajax: Our First Major Winter Storm

With the first major winter storm of the season, Ajax, hovering over the Mid-West and the Rockies, now is the time to prepare for the cold conditions and rain that will sweep across the country this week and throughout the Winter season. If you plan to work or play outdoors in the cold, be sure to layer up your clothes and cover up your extremities for optimal comfort and protection.

New Thermals for Ajax

We are offering three new styles of thermal underwear that make ideal base layers for a variety of outdoor activities and conditions. Moisture on your skin from snow or sweat will cause you to feel cold and clammy and will pull away the body heat you are trying to protect. This means that the fabric you chose in a base layer should align with your level of activity.

Chose the best thermal underwear for the activities that keep you outside this Winter:


Highly Active: Whether you are chopping firewood or tossing snowballs with the kids, the Northwest Blue 2 Piece Set is the perfect thermal layer for highly active individuals. This performance set features a quick-dry 100% polyester fabric in several neutral shades that will quickly and effectively wick away moisture from your skin. Unlike heavier fabrics, the lightweight, high-tech design enables you to stay warm and on the move without slowing you down. Rather than shopping for separate pieces, the long-sleeve top and fly-front bottom are sold together in the same sizes meaning you will save time and cash.


Northwest Blue 2 Piece Set


Sitting Still: Waiting for that 12-point buck to saunter through your site? Cheering from the bleachers at your son’s football game? Opt for the Grit Iron 2 Piece Set. This blend of cotton and polyester will be rugged enough to keep you warm when you are not moving as much, yet comfortable enough to wear indoors by the fireplace. You will save money purchasing this long-sleeve top and fly-front bottom combo since they are sold in the same sizes for your convenience. Want some color in your base layer? We offer the Grit Iron set in neutrals such as blacks, grays, and whites, and brighter options such as Olive Drab and Navy Blue.


Grit Iron 2 Piece Set


High-Performance: If you spend a significant amount of active time outdoors, we suggest investing in a pair of Coldpruf Classic Series thermal underwear. Made from 100% soft, merino wool, these high-performance thermals make the optimal base layer for medium to high levels of activity in very cold temperatures. Merino wool offers the perfect combination of qualities in a base layer—efficiently whisking away moisture and soothing your skin with a comfortable, tag-less fit that is silken to the touch. The Commando Green crew neck shirt and pants are sold separately to customize your fit to your layering needs.


Coldpruf Classic Series Merino Wool


No matter what calls you outdoors this Winter season, be sure that your head, hands, and feet stay warm and dry with the optimal cold-weather gear for your environment. In addition to our new thermals, we offer a wide variety of headwear, outerwear, socks, gloves, and boots designed to keep you warm as you brave the biting conditions of the coming months.


For more information on keeping warm in the great outdoors, read the Winter Survival and Frostbite and Hypothermia sections of Captain Dave’s Survival Guide.