Frequently, when we think of shelter, we think of either our home or emergency protection — such as a lean-to constructed out of cut branches — from winter weather.

While that is covered here, there is much more to this critical topic than emergency or cold-weather survival. Most of us are much more likely to be snow-bound on a highway than in the forest — or left without a roof over our heads due to a hurricane or earthquake, than abandoned in the wilderness far from civilization.

If you expect to be lost in the wilderness and need to build shelter with nothing but the knife in your pocket you’re your shoestrings, read one of the fine manuals on wilderness survival.  This chapter covers temporary shelter in an emergency and does not include information on how to build permanent or semi-permanent shelters in the wilderness (no teepees or birch-bark houses).

For the purposes of this chapter, Captain Dave considers “shelter” to be everything from the clothes on your back to the building you live in.

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