How to Handle Looters

After a disaster, you may have to protect your home and belongings from looters. Sure, they’ll probably march out the National Guard, but like the police, they can’t be everywhere all the time and it will take a few days for them to arrive on the scene. Just as you are assuming responsibility for your survival by reading this guide, you’ll need to assume responsibility for protecting yourself from human predators.

Looter will be killed

Firearms and warning signs can reduce the chance that you will be looted.

Remember the “looters will be shot” signs after Hurricane Andrew and Katrina? Makes you want to add spray paint to your survival-stash, doesn’t it? How many houses posting signs like that were looted? None! Sometimes just the threat or presence of a visible weapon will be all you need. At other times, you may have to make the ultimate survival decision and weigh the value of your life, or the life of your loved ones, against that of a criminal. It’s your decision, and you have to live with the results, but Captain Dave believes in judicious use of lethal force to meet and repel a grave threat to yourself.

Band together with your neighbors and others whom you know to be “good guys.”  Form a temporary mutual aid society, where one will come running if the other is in trouble.  You might need their help one day, and everyone needs to sleep.

After disasters there are also contractors and repairmen that will try to take advantage of unwary home owners.  Avoid these opportunists.  Don’t pay in advance for any work, and don’t pay for work that your municipality will do for free, such as hauling away trash.  Ask if they are licensed and bonded, and get copies of their documentation.  Sign contracts and hold them to it.

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