The Fate of the Unarmed

Here’s a survival scenario to consider:

You’ve gone to all this trouble to stock up on survival goods to keep you and yours safe and sound through whatever disaster or emergency strikes. All this preparation stands you in good stead when the balloon goes up. You have food, water and shelter while most of the sheep are lost without the shepherd.

Then your neighbor is killed by a bunch of marauders who steal everything he has, rape his wife and children and torch his house. The last you see of them, as you peer out the basement window, they are laughing as they drag his 14-year old daughter away, naked, into the night.

You have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You know they’ll be back, and your house will be their next target. No one has seen a policeman for over a week and the national guard is protecting gas stations in the city, nowhere near your house.  Maybe your brother was right – you should have spent some money on weapons and some time at that firearms training seminar he attended.  Too bad he lives two states away.

After the disaster arrives, it is too late to realize that you should have included a gun or two in your survival supplies. To make matters worse, in some states the sale of firearms and ammunition is blocked when the governor declares an emergency.

So the scenario above is not the time to realize you need firearms.  It is the time to make sure all your magazines are loaded, all your guns are clean, and to set up some rules of engagement with your family.  If you have extra weapons, it may be the time to arm some of your neighbors and use some smart tactics to catch the band of marauders in a withering cross fire the next time they approach your neighborhood.  Military style rifles fired by trained, motivated riflemen will put an end to those marauders.

The Best Tool for the Job

Captain Dave realizes not everyone likes guns. But in a scenario like the one above, they are probably the best chance you have of surviving the next day or week. And that’s what this site is all about: Survival, using all the tools at hand. And guns are just that — tools. Used properly, they can get the job of protecting you and yours done more efficiently and effectively than you could do without. Misused, they can be dangerous, just like your car or chain saw, or your car.

If you abhor the thought of killing someone to save your own life, if you think having a gun simply means you’ll end up getting shot by it, or if you believe the right to bear arms granted by the second amendment applies only to the National Guard, not we the people, then we wish you good luck.  Your idealistic and simplistic notions will get you killed or enslaved.  But that’s OK.  It leaves more resources for the rest of us.

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