A Final Word

There are those who compare our current state of affairs with that of Rome before the empire collapsed.  It may well be that we are heading towards a fall, but Captain Dave would remind you that Rome is still there.  The empire collapsed, things changed, but there were survivors and they rebuilt.

Likewise, the Soviet Union collapsed, but a new Russia emerged from the flames.  Even if the U.S. were to experience a similar collapse in which we defaulted on our debts, the dollar became worthless, the government was overthrown, and society erupted into civil unrest, a time would come when the remnants would pull together and emerge as a new entity or entities.  (For example, Texas might become independent and the South and the Northeast might form separate countries.)

Whether we are brought low by internal strife, political bickering, moral decay, economic recession, terrorist attack, open warfare, nuclear weapons, biological attacks, peak oil, climate change, an errant comet, a giant asteroid or some other disaster, there will be survivors.  And unless Darth Vader’s death star appears and blasts planet earth out of the sky, Captain Dave intends to do his utmost to be one of them.  Why shouldn’t you be as well?

Your job as a survivalist is to create a set of conditions that increase your chance of being a survivor.  The more prepared you can be, the better your chances.  The more you plan, the quicker you will be able to act.  The more supplies you can set aside, the longer you can survive without outside support.  The more training you can have, the greater the chance that you will be able to react appropriately in a disaster.  The more survival and preparedness books you read, the more you will know.

Keep in mind that every step you take moves you away from the mass of Americans and towards the goal of self sufficiency and survival.  Even a bug out bag and a vehicle survival kit put you well ahead of most Americans and increase your odds of survival dramatically.  Imagine what a year’s worth of food and a good water filter will do.

Bu the key is taking that first step.  If you’ve made it this far in our guide, don’t stop.  Go out and plan, prepare, and prosper.

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