Beyond the Three Day Kit

There are plenty of online resources for people who just want to prepare a three-day kit. Captain Dave’s Survival Guide is designed to take you a few levels beyond the bare minimum of preparedness that FEMA or the Red Cross recommends. Because in a true emergency, as we saw in Hurricane Katrina and more recently Hurricane Sandy, you are likely to be on your own for more than three days.

A three day kit is a starting point, but it won’t prevent you from being a refugee in a shelter, separated from your family members; it will just delay the inevitable. A three day kit won’t keep your kids from getting hungry when they quarantine your town or stop interstate transportation to halt the spread of a deadly disease. A three day kit won’t help you if terrorists use biological weapons or in the event of a nuclear disaster. It won’t keep food on the table in an economic collapse. A three day kit may be better than nothing, but it is only scratching the surface of truly being prepared. This guide will take you far beyond the level of preparedness you will receive in a three day kit.

After you read this guide and act on its contents, you should be better prepared mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially to survive any emergency on any scale. That means first preparing, planning, and making life choices that improve your degree of preparedness so that you can survive a local or regional natural disaster. Second, you must gradually increase your level of preparation to improve your ability to survive a massive disaster or social upheaval on a national or global scale. We will give you the tools and guidance, what you choose to do with them is up to you.