Survival Medical FAQ, 2.0

By Craig Ellis

Editor’s note: Craig is a New Zealander, so please excuse the unconventional (at least to us here in the U.S.) spellings in this document.

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Medicine bandage on human injury hand after accident with chainsawThanks to Richard DeCastro, Diana and Alan Hagan and Pat Turner for comments and suggestions.

Any constructive comments and debate are welcome. I welcome correction in any errors of fact. I apologize for any errors of grammar or spelling they are entirely mine. I’ve tried to avoid detailing specific managements for various conditions as I do not consider this to be an appropriate forum. I will, however, respond to specific questions, with suitable references on request.

Disclaimer: The author, Captain Dave, Captain Dave Inc., the webmaster, host and others associated with this site accept no responsibility for the use or misuse of this information. The practice of medicine is something that should only be practiced by trained professionals. If you start administering medical or surgical treatments without the appropriate skills you will kill someone. Even in emergency situations, often no action is better than uninformed and untrained action. Any practice of survival medicine should be backed up with appropriate training. This information is offered as my personal opinion and should not be taken to represent a professional opinion or to reflect any views widely held from the medical community.  If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or contact a medical professional.