Chapter 10 – Alternative Therapies

Finally, I feel I should make a passing comment on alternative therapies. I exclude herbal- and plant-based medicines from the following comments, because obviously these medicines form the basis of modern pharmacology and post-TEOTWAWKI will do so again. I stress these are my opinions. If you find a particular alternative treatment works, and wish to practice it and use it post-TEOTWAWKI then that’s fine. However I think it would be unsafe to ignore conventional medicine. The alternative therapies are most commonly used and successful with low grade chronic problems. I would suggest that what will kill you and what you need to prepare for is not chronic lower back pain or irritable bowel syndrome, but major trauma, or cholera, or severe pneumonia and I don’t think arnica or a good foot rub will fix the problem. Things which are currently annoying or distressing chronic problems may pale into insignificance alongside finding enough to eat and drink and avoiding the baddies. (But who knows, under survival stress it may make them worse :-))

Colloidal Silver should be specifically mentioned as it receives a lot of questions on the news group. IMHO its merits have been exaggerated in the extreme. There is no reputable scientific evidence that it has any useful in-vivo (in the human body, rather than in a lab) antibiotic or antibacterial effects. If its proponents can supply recent case/controlled trials, published in a reputable scientific or medical journal, I am prepared to revise my opinion and include the results here. I just advise caution to those who plan to rely on CS as their antibiotic in a survival situation.