Small Medical Kit

I have tried to include a description of each item and some uses.

  • Combat Dressings
  • Large gauze dressings
  • Small gauze squares
  • Roller Bandages elastic + cotton (2in/4in/6in)
  • Triangular Bandages
  • Band-Aids -assorted sizes and shapes (i.e. finger tips)
  • Sleek Tape 1 in. (waterproof, plastic/elasticated tape)
  • cotton buds (q-tips, cotton tips)
  • thermometer (rectal or pacifier for children)
  • Chlorhexidine and cetrimide (antiseptic) or Povidone-Iodine
  • Antibacterial Soap
  • Lignocaine 1% (local anesthetic) (USA = Lidocaine)
  • Augmentin (antibiotic) (a broad spectrum antibiotic)
  • Acetaminophen (mild analgesic)
  • Dicolphenic (mod analgesic) (a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory)
  • Oral Rehydration powder
  • Loperamide (anti-diarrhoeal)
  • Benedryl &/or Claratyne (antihistamines, short + long acting)
  • Adrenaline auto injector or Anakit (USA = epinephrine)
  • Morphine Sulphate (strong pain killer) if available
  • Gamma Benzene Hexachloride (lice/scabies tx)
  • Clotimoxazole (anti-fungal)
  • Contraceptive pills/Condoms
  • Paramedic scissors
  • Surgical scissors
  • Needle holder
  • Sm curved clamps
  • Tissue forceps
  • Scalpel blades
  • Emergency Obstetric Kit (includes bulb suction)
  • Vicryl 2/0 suture material
    Your choice of suture material is up to you. Vicryl is a synthetic dissolvable one, but takes up to 4-6 weeks to dissolve, so I think it is the ideal survival thread. But a variety of non-dissolvable sutures are available which will last forever.
  • 5ml syringes
  • 20g needles
  • Oil of cloves (tooth ache)
  • Emergency dental kit (commercial preparation)

A smaller kit for your bug-out bag could be made up from the above. Include some combined dressings, a couple of bandages, Band-Aids, tape, some tylenol, Benedryl and some loperamide.