On Not Becoming a Hostage

Great quote today by John Farnam, one of the trainers who had a great deal of influence on my readiness and mindset.

In his latest quip, written in the aftermath of the synagogue shooting in Jerusalem, he discusses how Islamic terrorists have been using the same tactics for decades, if not centuries.  They get a small group of fanatics, knock on a door, shoot whomever opens it, and take hostages whom they eventually murder.  His advice includes:

Don’t become a hostage! Hostages rarely fare well. Do not surrender to terrorists. Shooting it out with them is ultimately much safer, and infinitely more satisfying!

Can’t argue with that.

In the U.S., we usually assume that a hostage can be traded for something, so we negotiate with hostage takers.  That may be the case with an estranged husband or in a robbery gone wrong, but we are naive if we think Islamic terrorists want anything but the death of infidels.

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