What’s the Poop Deck?

I3D render depicting a tall ship at sea on a sunny day.n traditional ocean-going sailing ships, the poop deck was the raised deck over the large cabin at the stern, the portion to the right in this artist’s rendering of a tall ship. When standing on the poop deck, the captain would have a commanding view of the ship, the crew at work, and how the sales were set. He could relay orders and direct the helmsman.

The “View from the Poop Deck” is Captain Dave’s personal blog for preppers, survivalists, and like-minded individuals. If you are a freedom-loving individual looking for a little more self-sufficiency and seeking to have greater control over your life, we hope you will find it here along with some thought-provoking commentary.

While we are on the topic, please note that there is no truth to the rumor that the term “poop deck” means that this is where sailors went to poop. That was traditionally the front of the boat, which is why the bathroom on a boat is known as “the head” to this day. In the front, the wave action would scour the ship clean and possibly their butts, too!