Who the Heck is Captain Dave?

Captain Dave has been a prepper since he read Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H Kearny in 1994. Raised by a granola-eNuclearWSSating parents that were born just a bit too early to be hippies but were still young enough to sympathize with them, he grew up in a house with a wood stove, spent weekends camping and hiking, and ate all manner of foods foraged in the wild. So the leap to becoming a survivalist was a pretty short one.

OldLogoNot one to practice alone, he founded Captain Dave’s Survival Center and ran an online forum back when a 2400 baud modem was considered fast and Netscape 1.1 was the predominant browser. Along with folks like James Wesley, Rawles, Gary North,and Frugal Squirrel, Captain Dave was part of a cadre that helped shape the online world of survivalism when the Internet was still young. He created one of the first online survival stores in the late 1990s and help people prepare for Y2K, selling dehydrated foods, MREs, Water Filters and other prepping supplies out of his basement. More than 15 year later, these same items are still part of his store’s offerings. These days, they ship from a 24,000 square foot warehouse.

While Captain Dave, Inc., the company he founded, has evolved from a survival center to a multi-channel “Army Navy and Outdoor Adventure Store,” it still serves preppers, as well as active duty military members and veterans, law enforcement personnel, contractors, serious civilians, hunters and outdoors men and women.

While he concentrated on raising a family and growing a business, Dave never stopped being a prepper. This blog is Dave’s way of returning to the original intent of Captain Dave’s Survival Center and providing free and useful information to like-minded individuals.