Welcome to Captain Dave’s Survival Center

Captain Dave’s survival center is your free source of valuable information on how to prepare for and survival natural and man-made disasters. It is made up of the following resources:


The View from the Poop Deck blog

Captain Dave shares timely news and views related to a range of prepping themes, from the latest threats to the best ways to prepare.


Captain Dave’s Survival Guide

A wealth of information on how to prepare for and survive natural and man-made disasters.  Covers bugging out vs bugging in, creating caches, food and water, weapons and much more.


Nuclear Survival Tips

Includes tips for what to do if a nuclear device goes off either in our country or overseas. Includes useful information on fallout and how to build your own fallout shelter.


The Survival Medical FAQ

Addresses the practice of medicine in an environment or situation where standard medical care and facilities are unavailable, often by persons with no formal medical training.


The Do-it-Yourself Survival Food Storage FAQ

Great information on what to store and how to prepare it yourself. Covers how to prepare and store your own food, and important topics such as spoilage, mold and bacteria.